Uncle Lou Won't Steer You Wrong. And that ain't no BULL!

TEL (718) 762-1679 / FAX (718) 762-1679    Lou Gatanas, P.O. Box 580158, Flushing, NY  11358

1959 Burst, 1959 Sunburst Les Paul, 1959 Les Paul Standard, '59 Flametop, '59 Burst, or simply Burst...whatever you call them, I'm the guy you need to contact if you're thinking about buying or selling one. I also have the world's most extensive (and expensive!) selection of burst parts. I'm always interested in great vintage guitars (and parts) and will pay crazy money, just name your price! In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy these copyrighted photos of some cool guitars that have come through here. PLEASE NOTE...GUITARS MARKED "N.A." ARE NOT AVAILABLE.

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